Fur-Baby and House Sitting Rates

Pet/House Sitting Rates (eff 1/2019)

House Sitting – with or without One Fur-Baby $35.00 per day
With 2-3 Fur-Babies $45.00 per day
With 4-5 Fur-Babies $65.00 per day
With 6+ Fur-Babies or for livestock (a flock is counted as one) $15.00  per day/per animal
If 1-3 Fur-Babies Need Medication $5.00 extra per day (not per pet)
If 4+ Fur-Babies Need Medication $10.00 extra per day (not per pet)
Senior (62+)/Low Income/Military Discount 10%
2 & 3+ consecutive weeks discounts:
14-20 consecutive days 14%
3+ consecutive weeks 21%
Payment is due by the first day of care. If you are financially unable to pay all by the first day, then half is due by the first day, with the remainder paid via a postdated check, dated by the last day of care. If care is for longer than 3 weeks, final payment must be made by beginning of 2nd week.
All rates above are for Thurston County residents and are for overnight stays. Add an additional $5/day for travel if you just want us to check in on your fur-baby/babies throughout the day.
Add an additional 25% for all other counties serviced in Western WA (listed on the ‘About’ page). Outside of WA, please request a quote.
Each visit/stay day is considered one day. For example, the 1st – 5th would be considered 5 days, no matter the start or end times.
Extra duties such as watering large gardens, cleaning up after non-house broken pets, etc, please add an additional $5/day/duty.
Unless you give us 7 business days, if you have to cancel your fur-baby/house sitting needs, for whatever reason, there will be a $25 cancellation fee charged. I apologize for this, but if we’ve booked you, we may have had to turn others away due to lack of availability.
Bad Check Policy: A $35 fee is assessed on all returned checks. All fees and charges are due promptly and must be paid via money order, cashiers check, or cash.
Please make sure your vet is aware that DB-Designs will be taking care of your fur-baby/babies, and that you have arranged payment with your vet should a need arise to bring your fur-baby/babies in.
References available upon request.

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