“Daniel enabled us to leave our home, farm & animals, and retreat to the mountains where we had zero communication options. THAT is trust! When away we knew everything was in the hands of someone who was not only capable but sensitive and respectful to our needs and demands. Upon our return, everything was just as we had left it. Well, that’s not quite true. The dogs were actually MORE relaxed!! Thanks, Daniel.”

All the critters at Tangled Hearts Farm, Olympia, WA


“Daniel is the only person who I would trust to take care of my animals! I would highly recommend him.”

Steve G., Seattle WA


“Everything looks really nice – thank you for being so conscientious! Makes coming home so much nicer.”

Karen M., Olympia WA


“Daniel is awesome! I’ve known him for over ten years – he’s friendly, warm and great with animals. He has taken care of my 2 trouble tabbies – one kind of crazy/feral, the other a solitary recluse – on numerous occasions. I couldn’t have been happier with his service and his rates. Thanks, Daniel! =^_^=”

Angela G., Olympia WA


“Daniel is an excellent pet sitter.  When Daniel leaves, my cat, Gavin, will sit and stare out the window for hours on end. Gavin often asks for Daniel by name. He frequently suggests that we take longer vacations so that Daniel can stay longer. When we leave Gavin in Daniel’s care, Daniel provides us with updates on Gavin’s activities. Gavin and I highly recommend Daniel’s services.”

Thomas S., Lacey WA


“It’s stressful enough for our pets when we go out of town as they miss us, but then to have to stay at a vet’s office or kennel can really agitate them. I used Daniel as my primary house/pet sitter for many years when I lived in the Pacific Northwest.  He is honest, reliable and great with pets!

He’s not just another human staying with them – he gives each pet quality time and attention they need. I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting their furkids to have a loving companion while they travel.”

Sheila H, Atlanta GA


“I feel since Daniel can handle my stubborn, separation anxiety ridden, rescue dog, than he can probably handle ANY pet.”

Shirley B, McCleary WA


“Daniel is a very dependable and caring pet sitter. He goes beyond what is required, making my pets and other critters feel cared for so they don’t miss me as much, and that I know they are in very good hands. This gives me peace of mind when I have to leave my miniature horse, peacock, chickens, Muscovy ducks, dog, and cats. I can say that when I am away, everyone is happy, especially me.”

Sanoma J., Olympia WA


“Daniel has been our cat/house sitter for the past couple of years.  He is reliable, responsible, communicates well, and has a good sense of humor.  Our cat appreciates having Daniel as his servant when we are not there.  Knowing that we are leaving our cat and house in good hands makes our vacations all the more fun.”

Barb G., Olympia WA


“Daniel has house / dog sat during an extended vacation and has cared for our dog Mattie over many days when we were gone too long to leave her home alone. Daniel somehow left our house cleaner than it was when we left for vacation! On the days he dog sat he has been able to walk her a couple of times a day on request. He genuinely cares for Mattie and is very sensitive to her needs. She has come to love him and she looks forward to walks when he dog sits.”

Lee D., Olympia WA


“We definitely recommend Daniel for pet sitting.  He served as companion to our elderly Westie when we traveled and took very good care of him.  This included eye and oral meds, walks, snuggling and very frequent excursions outside, including the middle of the night.  Daniel was patient and attentive.  I like to hear about my pet, so he sent me a daily text to update me. After our first long trip our dog reaffirmed the choice: Daniel dropped by and Duncan was happy to see him.  Added benefits:  Daniel takes great care of your home and his photos of your pets are awesome!  We’ll continue to use Daniel with our new puppy.”

Leni O. & Patrick C., Olympia WA


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